Fishing in Mirissa

Boat for game fishing can be chartered for 3 hours, usually in the afternoon.
Rental of fishing equipment is included in the price. You can also use your own fishing equipment.
Best season for fishing near the south coast of Sri Lanka is from November to April.
We do only reef fishing, not deep sea fishing.


close to the coast: Grouper, Snapper Emperor, Bonefish
opened sea: Indian Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Sheerfish, Kingfish, Barracuda, Baramundi, Queens Fish, Jackfish, Trevally, Tuna

Fishing equipment
carbon rods: Mitchell, Mivardi
multi-reels: Penn, Shakespeare, Cormoran
lines: Sufix Tritanium, Mivardi
lures: Balzer, Sellior, Zebco, Sema

Terms and conditions
Fishing of endangered species of fishes is running on the principle "Catch and release". It means that all fishes listed as endangered species are released back into the ocean. 
All other fish belongs to the owner of the boat. Exceptions can be made in case the angler wants to BBQ his fish or take it to his hotel for his own consumption.

Fishing time:
3pm till sunset (18:30)

30.000Rs. (230USD) per all boat