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Whale and dolphin watching in Mirissa is one of the most exciting water activities you can do during your holiday in Sri Lanka. Often spotted blue whales are the biggest animals in the world and Mirissa is the best place for whale and dolphin watching tour in Sri Lanka. Whale watching season in Mirissa is from November to April.

If you want to find out more about these fascinating ocean creatures read some fact about blue whales

WHALE WATCHING TOURS 2022 - tours are back after covid 

adult 32 USD + tax*
child 5-11.99 years 17 USD + tax*
children up to 4.99 years FOC
*tax is 18,50 USD per adult, 9 USD per child

SPEED BOAT for groups of max. 6 people
price: 300 USD + tax*

PRIVATE BOAT (modificated big fishing boat) for private groups
 USD + tax* up to 10 people, price more people on request

Discount for groups of more than 10 people.
Breakfast is included.

Contact us through tel./Whats app: 0094 776 376 714

NOTICE: As there still not many tourists in Sri Lanka we operate together with the other whale watching boats on rotating basis - only one boat sails every day of the week.

Whale watching Mirissa with Geeth - boat
Whale watching Mirissa with Geeth - boat


We follow international whale watching rules and protect whales during whale watching:

  • new luxury passengers boat since 1st February 2020
  • more than 10 years whale watching experiences
  • we don´t go too close to the whales (good distance for taking pictures, safe distance for whales)
  • we don´t cross whale´s course
  • we reduce the speed to minimize the noise when we approach the whales
  • we stop the engine if whales and dolphins are coming close to our boat
  • we don´t do swimming, snorkeling and diving with the whales
  • we don´t throw out any garbage into the ocean and we ask our passengers not to do it as well

Look what kinds of whales and dolphins you can see during whale watching in Mirissa on our photos


When to go whale watching in Mirissa?

The best time to go whale watching in Mirissa is from  November to April. Ocean is calm and whales migrate from the southern hemisphare to the northen hemisphere. From May to October is off-season: ocean is rough and it is not worth to go. Chances of spotting whales are very low, chances of getting seasickness very heigh. So please don't send us bookings for off-season.

How is the chance of spotting whales?

The chances of spotting whales during November - April are 98%. Keep in your mind that you are going to see wild life so spotting of whales is not 100% guarateed. Blue whales are most often seen. You can see also sperm whales, fin whales, Bryde's whales, short finned whales, dolphins and rarely killer whales and whale shark. Sometimes we pass turtles and flying fish.

How long is a whale watching trip?

Whale watching trip in Mirissa takes usually 3-5 hours, the average duration is 4h. Our tours start before 7 am in Mirissa harbor. You should be there at 6:00-6.30 am. We serve morning tea before taking off and we serve also breakfast package and snack during the tour. Washroom with toilet is on the boat.


Fare adults and children 10+ years

Wildlife tax $18,50 need to be paid in the harbor


Fare Children 5-9.99 years

Wildlife tax $9 need to be paid in the harbor


Children up to 4.99 years

free of charge

Fare includes: 

morning tea before departure, breakfast package provided on the boat (ex. sandwich, chocolate cake, coconut pancake, fruit, water), snack on the way back, boat and passengers insurance, seasickness pills