Mirissa has more to offer than just whale watching.
Long and width beach is suitable for water sports and the Mirissa┬┤s surroundings for observing of local nature life.


Mirissa has width sandy beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka, suitable for swimming.


Western end of Mirissa beach is popular for surfing between December and March. You can rent the surf board right on the beach. There are also surfing schools if you are interested in the surfing lessons.


Waves in the middle Mirissa beach are suitable for bodysurfing. This water activity can enjoy here children as well as adults.


Snorkeling is possible at the east and west end of the beach. Near the beach at the east end of the beach is small island (Parrot rock) around which you can see fish. At the west end is a small coral reef where you can see also some ocean life.

Whale and dolphin watching

Whale and dolphin watching is the most interesting and exciting water activity in Mirissa. More about whale watching on the other sites of this web.


Fishing is possible from the beach or coral reef at the west end of the beach or you can hire boat with fishing equipment and try to catch bigger fish on the ocean.


Mirissa is fishing village and has it own harbor. You can go there and look the fishing boats and caught fish in the morning around 6:00. You will pay a small fee by the entry (25 Rs.).


There are several ayurveda centers in Mirissa, ask in your hotel. We can recommend The Secret Root SPA Mirissa.

River safari and birdwatching

See the nature around Mirissa - paddy fields with lot of birds and the river with water animals.


Between December and March the turtles come to lay their eggs in the sand on the Mirissa beach. You will see small turtles running towards ocean if you will be lucky.